Why Can’t I Pick a Plan at the End of My Trial?

Here are three common reasons why you might not be able to pick the plan you want and what you can do about it.

What this article covers:

Too many features

During your Unito trial, you’ll have access to features that aren’t available with all plans. If one of your flows uses one of these features, you won’t be able to sign up for a plan that doesn’t have access to it.

Some of these features include:

  • Custom fields

  • Sub-items and checklists

  • Streaming attachments

What you can do

If the plan you want to sign up for doesn’t support custom fields or sub-items, you’ll have to un-map them in your active flows. That way, they won’t be synced anymore, but you can pick a plan that doesn’t support them.

Too many flows

Another reason you might get this popup? If you’ve created more flows than the plan you want to sign up for can handle.  Some of Unito’s pricing plans can each support a specific number of active flows:

  • Basic: 10

  • All others: Unlimited

What you can do

While there’s a limit to the number of active flows a Unito plan can support, you can have any number of manual flows. That means if you absolutely need a larger number of flows than a specific plan supports, you can turn off auto-sync for them. You’ll have to trigger them manually every so often to keep things in sync, though. If you want to keep all your active flows, you’ll need to pick the appropriate plan.

Too many active users (legacy plans only)

Put simply, an active user is anyone who comments, edits, or creates work items in the tools you sync using Unito. Each Unito legacy plan supports a certain number of active users, counted across all the flows you’ve built. Here are the limits for each legacy plan:

  • Personal: 3 active users

  • Team: 10-40 active users

  • Company: 40-200 active users

What you can do

You’ll either need to reduce the number of active users in your flows or pick a new plan based on items in sync.

You can reduce the number of active users in your flows by using rules to filter out specific work items, make sure the proper people are assigned to your work items, or keep some users out of your projects. The number of active users can also be reduced by merging or excluding active users.

Merging active users

Go to the Members & Active Users screen. See any users that show up multiple times? This can happen when a user’s multiple tool accounts aren’t properly mapped.

In this case, Laura would be counted as two active users. By merging the two accounts, Laura will only be counted as one active user. If you have a workspace full of different tool accounts, this might be enough to reduce your total active users.

Excluding users

Another way you can limit the number of active users in your workspace is by excluding them. That’ll mean any work items they’re collaborating on won’t be synced by Unito. To exclude a user, just click on them on the Members & Active Users screen.

Hit the Include as an active user toggle, and just like that, they’ll be excluded from your flows. The work items they contribute to won’t sync, but you’ll keep your active users down.