Why Aren't my Closed Tasks/Issues Syncing?

Unito doesn't sync closed tasks or issues by default. But there are some steps you can take to make that happen.

What this article covers:

  • Why your closed tasks or issues aren't syncing

  • How to turn on syncing for closed tasks

Why your closed tasks or issues aren't syncing

You might notice when you sync a project for the first time that your list of closed issues is nowhere to be seen. What gives?

By default, we assume that you probably don't want to sync every issue/task you've ever closed into your new tool. This is because depending on how long your project has existed, that list of issues/tasks could be considerable, and most average users will never look at them again. That said, there can absolutely be value in having an archive of closed issues that's easy to put your hands on, so we've given you the option to import everything, too. It's just off by default.

How to sync closed work items

In order to find this setting, from your Unito App, click "Edit Sync" and go to the tab that says Rules created. You'll find a trigger there that says "And Status is Open."

All you need to do is click on Open. A dropdown will appear allowing you to choose Open and Closed. Once that's set, you can sync both open and closed work items between your projects.

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