Why Aren't My Closed or Archived Tasks/Issues Syncing?

Unito doesn't sync closed or archived tasks or issues by default. But you can set those work items to sync in the rules section.

What this article covers:

Unito's default setting is to not sync closed tasks or issues

You might notice when you sync a project for the first time that your list of closed issues or tasks is nowhere to be seen. What gives? Well, if you haven't adjusted your default rule settings, then Unito won't sync closed work items. 

So depending on how long your project has existed, that list of issues or tasks could be considerable, and most users never look at them again. But some may find value in keeping closed work items in sync. So we'll guide you through how to do it.

Note: Basic plan users and trialers won't be able to sync closed work items. This feature is only available for certain paid plans.

How to sync closed work items

From the Unito App, go to the flow you wish to modify and select "Edit Sync" and go to the Rules created section:

All you need to do is click on Open. A dropdown will appear allowing you to choose Open or archived. 

Closed Work Items

Once that's set, you can then sync both open and archived/closed work items between your projects.