What Is Unito's Enterprise Plan?

The Enterprise plan is our custom solution for organizations that need the absolute best in collaboration. Find out what this means here.

The custom features of the Enterprise plan

Enterprise plans have all the features of the Company Plan, including live syncing, subtask syncing, and custom fields. What sets this plan apart is how customizable it is. Here's everything we customize for your needs:

  • Price: Because so much of this plan is tailored to what you need, we make sure the price matches what you're getting out of it.

  • Items in sync: Not all Enterprise-level businesses are the same, and your collaboration needs might go well above 15000 items in sync.

  • Active flows: When you reach out to us, we'll talk about your workflows to help you figure out how many active flows you'll need.

  • Payment terms: Not every business wants to — or can — pay with a credit card. With this plan, we can invoice you in a way that suits your organization's procurement method.

  • Security assessment: Our security team will run a complete security assessment for you before you buy.

  • Priority support: Our workflow and integration experts will answer any questions you have within one business day.

  • Dedicated account manager: Whether you need help setting up a workflow, customizing your flows, or you just need a bit of guidance, trust in a dedicated account manager to help you every step of the way.

If you need an Enterprise plan, please reach out to us or check out our Enterprise solutions page. We'll discuss your needs and the scope of your plan.

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