What is Mirror?

A basic introduction to the Mirror Power-Up for Trello, a Unito tool that allows cards to exist on multiple boards simultaneously.

The Mirror Power-Up for Trello

Mirror is a Trello Power-Up created by Unito that allows you to duplicate cards between boards while keeping all their content synced. Essentially, it gives you the ability to have cards that live on multiple boards, so any update made on one version of the card is reflected everywhere it lives. 

Delegate tasks to team members, send cards from a team board to a centralized project board, share cards with clients — the options are limitless! Mirror allows you to collaborate more efficiently and saves you from endless copying and pasting.

How Mirror works

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The differences between Unito's Mirror Power-Up and Trello's Mirror cards

Trello's Mirror cards let you clone cards to multiple different Trello boards. Unito's Mirror Power-Up lets you copy cards from one board to any other board you have access to. At first glance, these are exactly the same, but there are some key differences

Trello's Mirror cards offer one-way updates. When you duplicate cards to other boards, the new clones can't be changed or updated to edit the original card. Only editing the original card will affect any others.

Unito's Mirror power-up lets you create a two-way flow of information between mirrored cards. That means you can make updates to either card and the other card will be affected.

Are you looking for increased visibility or better collaboration? For the former, Trello's mirror cards might be all you need. But only Unito's Mirror Power-Up gives you both.

For more information about how the two compare, check out this article.

What if you need to mirror whole boards?

The Mirror power-up for Trello is perfect for copying a card's information and sending it to another card. But what if you want to do this across an entire Trello board? Or maybe you need to get information from Trello into another work management tool, like Asana, Jira, GitHub, and more? That's where Unito's suite of Power-Ups comes in:

  • 2-Way Board Syncing by Unito: With this Power-Up, you can go from mirroring single cards to effectively mirroring entire boards. Build robust, two-way relationships between your Trello boards, and you can sync information across boards automatically without manually creating a Mirror for each card. This comes in handy especially when building a Trello master board.

  • Asana + Trello connected with Unito: Need to collaborate with people working in Asana? With this Power-Up, you can build workflows encompassing Trello and Asana, turning Trello cards into Asana tasks and vice-versa.

  • Connect GitHub + Trello with Unito: If you need to work with developers who won't leave GitHub, you can use this Power-Up to connect your Trello boards with their GitHub repositories. Keep an eye on what developers are working on without ever leaving Trello.

  • Connect Jira + Trello With Unito: Get your Jira issues into your Trello boards so that everyone can see what's going on without leaving Trello. You can choose to mirror every card to Jira and back, or use Unito's rules to pick and choose.

  • Connect Wrike + Trello with Unito: Need to get Trello cards into Wrike? With this Power-Up, you can mirror entire Trello boards into Wrike. That way, everyone can collaborate from the tool they prefer.

  • Connect Zendesk + Trello with Unito: Are your customer support tickets locked in your support tool? With this Power-Up, you can get high-priority tickets into Trello as cards, where everyone can get eyes on them.

Need to connect a tool that isn't covered by one of Unito's Power-Ups? Then you'll want to check out Unito's standalone app here.