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Syncing Subtasks With Unito

Unito syncs one level of subtasks, but support depends on the integration you're using.

What this article covers:

Does Unito support subtasks?

Unito supports subtasks for some integrations. Currently, we support syncing subtasks for the following tools:

For these tools, you can sync one level of subtasks. Any subtasks beyond that won’t be synced. This will not affect the subtask hierarchy that already exists in your tool, it just means you can’t sync that information over.

How to sync subtasks with Unito

You can choose to sync subtasks when it’s time to map your fields.

Start by clicking the blue + Add mapping button.

Starting with the left dropdown, pick the field that represents the subtasks you want to sync. On a Trello board, that field is called Checklist, but that will vary with your tool.

Now do the same for your other tool. In Asana, the field you’re looking for is Subtask.

And that’s it! Once you launch your flow, it will sync subtasks between your tools. Note that, to maintain subtask hierarchy, you can only map this pairing for two-way updates.

Considerations for syncing subtasks

There are some situations where syncing subtasks might not be possible at all. In others, there are some limitations you should be aware of. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Subtask syncing will always follow flow direction. If you build a one-way flow, subtasks will flow in one direction. For a two-way flow, they'll flow in both directions. With a one-way create, two-way update flow, subtasks won’t be synced in both directions. Unito treats subtask updates as work item creation, so they’ll only sync one way.

  • Subtasks in supported tools will be synced according to your flow’s filtering rules.

If you run into a problem trying to sync subtasks, please reach out to us!