An Overview of Unito's Stripe Integration

Ready to start syncing customers, invoices, payments, subscriptions, and disputes from Stripe? Here's all you need to know.

What does this article cover?

Unito syncs your Stripe data to other apps and tools automatically. All you have to do is create a flow that turns your forms and submissions into tasks, spreadsheet rows, tickets, or another work item.  

Here's a guide on how to sync Stripe data to Google Sheets with Unito.

Note: Our Stripe integration is currently a Lite connector, which means it doesn't yet offer the full functionality of our other integrations. We'll be adding new features and functionality over the next few months based on demand.

What does Unito sync from Stripe?

Unito syncs customers, invoices, payments, subscriptions, and disputes from accounts to other tools. You can use this integration to track financial information, do marketing research, and more.

Stripe Terminology

  • Customers: This work item stores profile, billing, and tax information you've collected from the people who buy your product or service.
  • Invoices: What you use to charge customers in Stripe, these work items track currencies, charges, line items, and more.
  • Payments: This item includes customer information, emails, and more.
  • Subscriptions: This work item allows organizations to charge recurring payments through Stripe.
  • Disputes: Whenever a customer has an issue with an amount you've charged, Stripe tracks it as a dispute.
  • Accounts: This is the container that Unito will sync work items from.

Which Stripe fields can Unito sync?

Unito supports 100 fields across Stripe's multiple work items, and can support your particular use case. Here's a full breakdown of these fields.

Watch Unito's Stripe integration sync with Google Sheets:

Generate a Stripe secret key

In order to connect Stripe to Unito, you'll need to generate a Stripe Secret Key. Here's how:

  1. On the Developers Dashboard, select the API keys tab.
  2. In the Standard keys list or Restricted keys list, in the row for the key you want to reveal, click Reveal live key.
  3. Copy the key value by clicking it.
  4. Copy-paste the key into this prompt with an optional display name:

Stripe Secret Key

Limitations and other considerations

Since this is one of our Lite integrations, you won't be able to do everything with Stripe that a full Unito integration can.

  • Sync direction: Not all work items supported by this integration can offer two-way syncing. Customers and invoices can be synced in one-way create, two-way update flows. Payments, subscriptions, and disputes can only be sync in one-way flows.
  • Syncing invoices: Invoices can only be updated in Stripe when they're drafts. Any open invoices can't be updated by a Unito flow.