How to Manage Notifications in Trello

You might get a lot of notifications when you're syncing work items to Trello with Unito. Here's a workaround.

While Unito can't control the number of notifications you get from Trello, you can use Butler — Trello's built-in automation platform — to get fewer of them. That's because when you're added as a member to a Trello card, you'll automatically get added as a watcher, too. That means you'll get notifications for every comment, every update to due dates, every move a card makes throughout the board, and every attachment added to it.

But with Butler, you can automatically "unwatch" cards to get fewer notifications. Here's how.

Start by going to the board that's creating too many notifications.

trello notifications 1

Next, click on Automation. Look for the lightning bolt.

trello notifications 2

Click on Rules from the Automation dropdown.

trello notifications 3-1

Now hit Create rule to start building your automation.

trello notifications 4

Hit + Add Trigger.

trello notifications 5

This is where it can get a bit tricky, so stick with us. Start by hitting the Card Changes tab.

trello notifications 6

You'll get a list of potential triggers you can add to your automation.

trello notifications 7Click the blue plus sign for the when I am added to a card trigger.

trello notifications 8

You'll get this screen, where you'll need to pick your automation's action, meaning the thing it'll actually do when the trigger happens. Hit the Members tab.

trello notifications 10

trello notifications 11

See the line that says subscribe to the card? Click that dropdown and change it to unsubscribe from, then hit the blue plus sign to add this action to your automation.

trello notifications 12

trello notifications 13

Once that's done, all you need to do is hit Save.

trello notifications 14

Now, whenever you're added to a card as a member, this automation will automatically unsubscribe you from it, meaning you won't get any notifications about it. You can then manually add yourself as a watcher to cards you actually want to get notifications from.

Note that this will only apply to the board where you've set up this rule, so you'll have to replicate it on any other boards. Thankfully, Butler lets you do that in just a few clicks.