Limitations of Unito's Zendesk Integration

Here's a breakdown of what Unito's Zendesk integration can't do yet — and a few other considerations.

Unito's Zendesk integration is designed to get crucial data out of your projects and into other tools. You've seen what Unito can do for Zendesk users, so this article will cover what it can't do — yet.

  • Organization: You won't be able to sync this field.
  • Attachments: This integration can sync attachments to Zendesk, but can't sync attachments from Zendesk to other tools.
  • Streamed attachments: You won't be able to stream attachments with this integration. Here's a bit more on the difference between streamed and linked attachments.
  • Description: This Zendesk field can only be synced in one direction, from Zendesk to another tool.
  • Description footer: Since Zendesk doesn't have a description footer field, many fields that can only be mapped to this field won't work properly with Zendesk. Some can be mapped in one direction to the first comment in a specific ticket.
  • Comments from other tools: Note that you won't be able to sync comments from other tools as public comments in Zendesk.
  • Edited comments: When you edit comments in Zendesk, these edits won't be synced over to other groups or other tools. That's because Unito only syncs new comments, not any edits to existing comments.
  • Sync speed for larger workspaces: Due to limitations with Zendesk's API, Unito can only pull up 1,000 Zendesk tickets at a time. This can lead to slower sync speeds when syncing large batches of tickets.s
  • Reopening closed tickets: If your Zendesk organization permanently closes tickets after a certain amount of time, Unito can't reopen these tickets. This is a limitation with Zendesk's API.

If you're looking for a step-by-step guide to setting up your first Zendesk flow with Unito, here's a walkthrough for connecting Zendesk and Wrike or you can follow our generic guide here.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Zendesk integration.