Limitations of Unito’s Asana Integration

Here's a breakdown of what Unito's Asana integration can't do yet — and a few other considerations.

Unito's Asana integration is designed to get crucial data out of your projects and into other tools. You've seen what Unito can do for Asana users, so this article will cover what it can't do — yet.

What this article covers:

Unsupported fields

While Unito's integration for Asana supports most of the tool's fields, there are some it doesn't support.

  • Project End Date, but you can sync Project Start Dates.
  • Due On
  • Task Approval States (Approve, Request Changes, and Reject)
  • Task followers
  • Dependencies
  • Date Custom Fields

Unsupported mappings

You can use Unito to map Asana fields to similar fields in other tools (or other Asana projects) in most cases. However, there are a few corner cases that aren't supported.

  • Asana Assignees with Text Custom Fields
  • Asana Sections with GitLab Milestone

Other limitations

  • Asana portfolios: You can't set an Asana portfolio as your block of work, but you can sync individual Asana projects as blocks of work even if they're in a portfolio.
  • @mentions: Mentions in the description can't be synced with Unito.
  • Syncing attachments from the description: Because the URL of attachments added to the description of Asana tasks can change over time, these can't be synced by Unito. Make sure you add attachments to Asana tasks themselves, rather than the description.
  • Edited comments: When you edit comments in [tool name], these edits won't be synced over to other Asana projects or other tools. That's because Unito only syncs new comments, not any edits to existing comments.

Other Asana considerations

Unito is compatible with all tiers of Asana subscriptions, including free plans! Some functionality is limited to Asana’s higher tiers, such as syncing custom fields.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Asana integration.