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How to Undo Mistakes in Trello with Unito's Rules

When your workflow is not properly set up, you might end up with the wrong cards on the wrong boards. Here's how to undo that mistake.

Sometimes when you create a flow between many Trello boards, if you don't watch your settings, you can end up with all of the cards from all of the boards synced to every other board. It can be a real mess! Fortunately, you can easily undo this by applying a few rules.

How to remove synced cards in Trello

  • Create a brand new label in both of your synced blocks. Its name doesn't matter, but it has to be unused. A name like "cleanup" is a good example.

  • Go to the Unito dashboard, and click on the name of your flow to customize it.

  • Under the Rules tab, add a rule to filter for "only sync cards with any of the following labels" under your first tool. Enter your brand new "cleanup" label. (If there are any labels in this field, take note of them and remove them. You can add them back after the cleanup!)

  • Do the same for your second tool. Add in your "cleanup" label under a new rule for "only sync cards with any of the following labels".

  • Save and sync!

That's it! Because our rules are dynamic, we will see with this that none of the cards we created match the new criteria (since your new "cleanup" label hasn't been applied to anything), and as a result, we'll archive all of the cards we've created that don't match that.

There are a few things to note with this method:

  • This method will not close original cards; only ones that Unito has created. This is in accordance with our content deletion policy.

  • This method will not work for cards that were synced from Wrike or Basecamp.
    This is because neither Wrike nor Basecamp have labels that we can filter by, which means we can't close items that don't have these labels. 

  • If items went from a tool with labels into Wrike/Basecamp, we should be able to clean that up if you simply apply a label filtering rule to the other side, as mentioned above; we just won't be able to clean up items that originated in Wrike or Basecamp.