How to Remove and Archive Mirrors

Done using one of your Mirrors? Here's how to review it, remove it, and archive a mirrored Trello card.

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This guide will show you how to remove and archive mirrored Trello cards. If you're new to the idea of mirroring cards, here's Unito's guide to getting started with the Mirror Power-Up for Trello. Or you can add the Mirror Power-Up for Trello to your board right now.

Open a mirrored card from a board with Unito's Mirror Power-Up installed

Unito's Power-Ups operate on the board level. That means you can only access Mirror if the board you're looking at has the Power-Up added to it.

So, be sure to look at the card from a Trello board that has Unito's Mirror Power-Up installed. 

Example: One board with Mirror installed, one board without

The card on the left is part of a board with Unito's Mirror Power-Up installed, while the card on the right is not.

So we can only access Mirror from the card on the left unless we add Mirror to both boards.

A side-by-side display of two mirrored Trello cards with Unito's Mirror Power-Up

How to remove a mirrored Trello card

When you look at a card in a board with Mirror installed, you'll see a few options: See card status and Remove Mirror.

Seeing a card's status in Unito

Clicking See card status will take you to the Unito interface where you'll be able to see where your mirrored card is synced, including: other boards or work items (cards, tasks, spreadsheet rows, etc.).

Seeing a mirrored Trello card's status in UnitoStop a mirrored card from syncing

A closer look at a mirrored Trello card with an option to remove mirror or see status in Unito

Note: Removing the mirror will not delete the mirrored card — both cards will stay where they are in their boards — but further changes will no longer sync with Unito.

How to archive a mirrored Trello card

Unito's Mirror Power-Up will sync the archive action in Trello by default.

All you have to do is hover your mouse over the card in your board and hit c on your keyboard and you'll see a pop-up like this:

Now, both cards (the original and the mirrored card) will be archived in their respective boards.

Note: Once a card is archived in Trello, Unito can't un-archive the other mirrored card automatically. You'll have to do so manually. 

If you would prefer that synced cards don't archive at all, get in touch with us!

More about Unito's card deletion policy

 If you delete a mirrored card and then try and re-mirror the same card, we will not re-sync the card. This is part of Unito's content deletion policy.

This is because we assume that when you want to delete a card, you want it to stay deleted!

If you’d like to leave the doors open to re-mirroring that card one day, the best method would be to archive it and not "Permanently delete" it instead.