How to Remove and Archive Mirrors

Done using one of your Mirrors? Learn how to remove it, and what consequences that action will have.

What this article covers:

  • How to remove a Mirror

  • How to archive a Mirror

How to remove a mirror

On the back of your mirrored card, you’ll see the option to “Remove Mirror.” Removing the mirror will not remove the mirrored card — both cards will stay on their board — but further changes will no longer sync.

It’s possible to re-establish this link only if the mirrored card still exists in the destination board. Simply mirror to the same board and the link will be re-established.

How to archive a Mirror

Mirror will sync the archive action by default. If you were to un-archive the card, we will not un-archive the mirrored card.

If you would prefer that cards didn’t archive at all, get in touch with us!

A note on card deletion: If you delete a mirrored card and then try and re-mirror the same card, we will not re-sync the card. This is part of our deletion policy. This is because we assume that when you want to delete a card, you want it to stay deleted! If you’d like to leave the doors open to re-mirroring that card one day, the best method would be to archive it and not "Permanently delete" it instead.

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