How to Build Rules With Issue Type

For integrations like Jira and GitHub, Unito is able to use issue type in rules. Here's how to set it up.

Unito's ability to use issue type in rules

For some connectors, like Jira and GitHub, you can create rules that filter synced issues depending on their type.

For GitHub, you can choose to sync only Issues, PRs, or both.

For Jira you can choose to sync all issue types or select from among these: Bug, Epic, Improvement, New Feature, Task.

How to build rules with issue type

If you only want to sync a specific type of issue, you can build a rule that filters out all other issues. All you need to do is go to the rules screen — either by editing an existing flow or creating a new one.

issue type rules 1

Then, click on the Add a new trigger dropdown.

issue type rules 2

After that, click on Issue type. Here's what you'll get.

issue type rules 3

From there, you can use the Select a value dropdown to pick the type of issue you want to sync. Note that you can select more than one.

issue type rules 4

Pick an issue type and you'll have successfully built your rule!

issue type rules 5

Now, this flow will only sync Jira issues that have the Bug type that have been created after November 8th.