How to Add Unito to GitHub Through the GitHub Marketplace

Unito syncs repos to projects in tools like Jira and Asana. Find out how to set up Unito with GitHub and start syncing.

Signing up for Unito from the GitHub marketplace

Start by finding Unito in the GitHub marketplace...

And start your free trial with Unito.

After signing up for Unito, you'll need to give us access to your GitHub account so we can sync your repos.

Once that authorization is done, you'll land on your brand-new dashboard.

Unito dashboard

Now that you've successfully landed on the dashboard, let's finish setting everything up so you can start syncing.

Adding your GitHub connector to Unito

Although you've given Unito permission to access your GitHub account, we still need to set up your repos so we can start syncing your issues and pull requests. To do this, click on Create a flow on the dashboard.

The with the account drop-down is where you decide what tool you need to sync from. If you've signed up for Unito through the GitHub marketplace, you won't see any tools in this drop-down. Click on the drop-down, then on Connect a new GitHub account to add GitHub.

Choose GitHub in the next screen.

Note: If someone in your organization has already installed GitHub, you'll get the option to use Unito with the GitHub account associated with that organization. If you choose to use this account, you'll be taken straight to the dashboard. Otherwise, you'll be taken to the next step in this installation process.

Choose which GitHub account you'd like to connect:

Click on the green install button:

And you're all set!

Adding repositories to Unito

Once you've added GitHub to Unito, it's time to select the repo you want to sync. Usually, the repo you need should be there; just start typing until the right repo comes up and select it. However, you might need to add a repo manually if, for example, you created it after first authorizing Unito.

You can do this by clicking on Find more repositories when creating a flow.

This will redirect you to the GitHub settings page.

If you want to give Unito access to all your repositories, make sure the All repositories option is selected under the Repository access section and click Save.

If you want to only give Unito access to specific repositories, check Only select repositories and hit Save.

Now that we have all the permissions we need, you can create your first workflow!