How to Add People to Your Unito Workspace

Do you need multiple people to create and edit your flows? First, you’ll need to add them to your workspace. Here's how. 

Managing a workflow is a team effort. If you need multiple people to edit your flows, first you’ll need to add them to your workspace. Luckily, that’s super easy to do.

From the Unito dashboard, click your profile icon on the top right of the page, then click on Members & active users

This will take you to a list of all workspace members.

Click on the green Invite members button, and you'll get this pop-up.

image (17)

Just enter the email of the person you’d like to invite in the Enter an email address field, and click the Add button. If you need to add multiple people at once, just enter another email address and click Add again. When you're done, click on the Send invites button.

Any person you invite will receive an email letting them know you’ve invited them to you workspace, and they’ll be able to accept the invitation there. Once they do, they’ll be part of your workspace!

If the person you are inviting already has a separate Unito workspace, their flows and active users will be merged into yours. This will count towards the total number of items in sync your workspace has. Be mindful of this.

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