How to Sync Google Sheets Formulas with Unito

Usually, formulas won't carry over when Unito creates a new row in Google Sheets. Here's a workaround.

What does this article cover?

Does Unito sync Google Sheets formulas?

Unito doesn't sync the formulas themselves; it syncs the results of those formulas. It can't re-create them when it fills a new row. That means if your spreadsheet already has a formula in rows 1-15 and Unito fills row 16 with data from another tool, the cell that would include the formula in other rows will be blank. That's because formulas typically need to be created manually.

Additionally, a change in the result of a formula alone isn't enough to trigger a resync, because this isn't enough to update the LastModified column. If other cells are updated and the LastModified column changes, then Unito will sync the whole row — including any updated formula results.

But with this workaround, you can automatically fill new rows with formulas and automatically sync formula results whenever they change. Here's how.

The Google Sheets formula workaround

To make this workaround, well, work, you just need a single formula, pasted into a single cell. It's called "ArrayFormula." This formula wraps around an existing formula and applies it to a range you specify automatically — like a whole column — whenever a new row is created.

So, essentially, instead of copying and pasting the same formula throughout your Sheet, you just need to use ArrayFormula to do it automatically! You can learn more about how this formula works here.

How to use this workaround (with an example)

In this quick example, you'll see how ArrayFormula is used in a Google Sheet synced with ClickUp.