Unito’s Add-On for Google Sheets: Security and Permissions

Here is the security information for Unito’s add-on for Google Sheets, as well as the permissions it needs.

What does this article cover?

The first step to syncing your Google Sheets data with Unito is to install the Unito add-on. You can get full instructions for doing that here.

What permissions does Unito need?

To sync data back and forth between tools, Unito needs access to that data, which is regulated through your Google account with permissions. With these permissions, Unito can automatically act on your behalf by creating rows in Google Sheets, updating them, and sending data from Google Sheets to your other tools. 

We only ask for the permissions necessary for Unito to work efficiently. 

Permission Item Unito Connector Details
Read & Write Sheets Sheets

Allows Unito to read and write data in your Sheets to sync it with other tools.

Read & Write Sheets Metadata Sheets

Access to the user’s file metadata, excluding downloadUrl and thumbnail.

Read Email address Sheets

View your email address. Learn more about our privacy policy.

Read Profile Sheets See your personal info, including any personal info you’ve made publicly available. 

How Unito keeps your data secure

Keeping your data secure is a top priority for Unito. Here are some of the actions we take and policies we enforce to keep your data safe.


Unito is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. The SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls) report is a globally-recognized security measure that rates a service provider's compliance with security, availability, and confidentiality best practices. For more information on SOC 2 reports, see AICPA / SOC for service organizations.


We use the OAuth standard to authenticate you and get permission to access your tools. We never get your passwords, and you can easily revoke access at any time. Unito is bound by the permissions/access rights of the OAuth user you designate for your connector.


All communications are encrypted over HTTPS/TLS. Sensitive data is encrypted at rest industry-leading key management.

Data security and privacy

We don’t store data from work items. We compute checksums of field data which enables us to sync your tools. 

High availability

Here's what we do to ensure high availability:

  • Regular performance benchmarking
  • Production monitoring and alerts
  • On-call engineer rotation
  • Fast and continuous deployment
  • Industry standard cloud-based security compliance

How to add Unito to your allowlist

If you receive the message “This application is not allowed by your administrator,” please request that your administrator add Unito to your allowlist of third-party apps.

not allowed

Google Workspace Admins have two options:

  1. Install the Add-On for everyone’s account or certain groups. This is useful if many teammates at your organization will use Unito.
  2. Allow individual users to choose whether to install the Add-On.

Learn how to add Unito to your organization’s allowlist here.

Still have questions?

Want to know how Unito protects your data across all our integrations? You can get a full guide to all our security measures and protocols here or consult our security page.