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What this error means

Your Unito subscription includes Mirror, Unito's other Trello Power-Ups, and the standalone app. While Mirror is great for mirroring individual Trello cards, Unito's other features are great for doing this with a whole Trello board. Depending on the size of your workspace, you might be trying to Mirror a card that's already included in a Unito flow created by another user. If so, you'll get this error:

You won't be able to create a Mirror for this Trello card since it's already being synced by a Unito flow.

What to do about it

It's rare that you don't have to do anything about an error, but this is one of those cases. When you get this error, it means the Trello card you're trying to mirror is already having its information synced to the Trello board you wanted to send it to. It means the job's already done! If you're not getting the results you're looking for, you might need to track down the person who created the flow causing this clash and ask them a few questions.

You can also always reach out to us by clicking on the chat bubble.

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