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  • Trello's change to authenticated attachments

  • How this change can affect your workflow

  • What you can do about it

Trello's change to authenticated attachments

Trello is changing the way it handles attachments. Specifically, attachments can now require authentification, meaning that only people with explicit access to that attachment on the original board will have access to it. This is meant to improve security across Trello.

This is an opt-in feature.

How this change can affect your workflow

If your Trello boards use authenticated attachments, Unito will not be able to sync attachments between your boards unless the Trello users who need to see that attachment have access to the board the attachment originates from and the boards it's being synced to. Otherwise, the only way you could have attachments show up Trello boards other than the original board is in the description footer. Any authenticated attachments — including cover images — cannot by synced across boards.

What you can do about it

Since this is an opt-in feature, the best way to make sure Unito can sync your Trello attachments is to not be enrolled in this feature. If you've already opted-in, you can contact Trello to have them roll back this change. Once this is rolled back, Unito will be able to sync your attachments across boards again.

Our team is currently working on a fix for this issue. Until then, you can always reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

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