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  • Best use cases for a ClickUp-Jira integration

  • What fields are synced

  • Custom ClickUp options

With Unito, developers in Jira can collaborate seamlessly with teams working in ClickUp. Handle feature requests, cross-functional projects, and more all from your favorite tool. Here's how it all comes together with Unito.

Best use cases

Cross-brand project management

If your company owns and operates multiple brands, you probably have separate teams handling each one. Developers might work in a Jira project specific to each brand. Seeing what's going on across all those projects — or running cross-brand projects — can be tough. With this integration, you can sync multiple Jira projects to a single ClickUp instance, giving you that overview you need to keep everything running smoothly.

Consultant and agency work

Whether you're an independent consultant or an agency, you're handling multiple clients at once. Usually, these clients bring their own tools to the table, which means you have to hop from one to the other for each project. With this integration, you can create a workflow that allows your clients to request work and give feedback from their tool, while everything you need lives in ClickUp.

What is synced?









Due date

Due date





Label custom field


In addition to these standard fields, ClickUp has a number of custom fields that can be mapped to Jira fields:

  • ClickUp's Date custom field can be mapped to the Due date, start date, sprint start date, or sprint end date fields in Jira.

  • ClickUp's Text and Long Text custom fields can be mapped to the Description, time spent, estimated duration, sprint, sprint start date, sprint end date, issue type, labels, epic, components, priority, fix versions, affected versions, link to issue, or issue number fields in Jira.

  • ClickUp's Number custom field can be mapped to the original estimated duration, remaining estimated duration, start date, or time spent fields in Jira.

  • ClickUp's Dropdown custom field can be mapped to the components, fix version, issue type, labels, or priority fields in Jira

  • ClickUp's Label custom field can be mapped with Jira labels.

  • ClickUp's URL custom field can be mapped to the affected version, components, epic, fix versions, issue number, issue type, labels, originated estimated duration, remaining estimated duration, priority, time spent, start date, sprint start date, or sprint end date fields in Jira.

Custom ClickUp options

Here are some things you can do with this integration to customize it to your workflow.

Sync lists to projects

Lists are the building blocks of ClickUp's hierarchy customization. With that in mind, you can sync Jira projects with lists to structure your workflow.

Use rules to filter tasks by status

With rules, you can control the flow of information from tool to tool. With this integration, you can only do this with task status. You could use this feature to make sure Jira issues only show in ClickUp when they're in progress, for example.

Create ClickUp lists from Unito

This feature is currently exclusive to ClickUp integrations. Want to manage your workflows and your lists all in one place? Create lists right from your Unito account and forget about jumping from tool to tool.

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