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What this article covers:

  • The features of the Business X plans
  • Who are these plans for?
  • How are they different from the Enterprise plans?

The features of the Business X plans

Business X plans are intended for large organizations with significant collaboration needs. They come in two options, the Business 2X plan and Business 4X plan. Here's what you can expect from these plans:

  • $225/month for 2X plans or $399/month for 4X plans when billed annually.
  • 100 active users for 2X plans or 200 active users for 4X plans: We count active users a little differently depending on your tool. Usually, active users will include task assignees, authors, and commenters. With this many active users, you can cover large organizations, multiple big departments, or even multiple agencies.
  • Live sync: After creating your sync, we're constantly checking for any changes to your tasks. Depending on the size of your projects, the sync itself can take a few minutes.
  • 80 auto syncs for 2X plans or 160 auto syncs for 4X plans: Create as many syncs as you need, no matter the plan. The first 80 syncs (or 160 for 4X plans) will be checked for changes and triggered automatically. Syncs beyond that limit need to be manually triggered from the "Your Syncs" screen. To learn more about the differences between auto syncs and manual syncs, check out this article.
  • Filtering: Filters control the flow of information between tools. You can set up filters that look for specific labels, assignees, due dates, and more. If you want to know more about using filters, read our article on the topic.
  • On-premise tools: Business plans support the integration of self-hosted, on-premise installations of Jira, GitHub, and GitLab, as well as cloud services.
  • Subtasks: If your workflow depends on subtasks, you don't want your sync to leave them behind. With a Business X plan, you can sync subtasks along with their parent tasks. This isn't available for all integrations, so if you want to be sure it works for yours, you can always ask us.
  • Custom fields: You can sync custom fields between certain tools, even use them in your filters to level up your workflows.
  • 60-minute onboarding: Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Our onboardings pair you up with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will help you set up your syncs and streamline your workflow.

Who are these plans for?

The Business X plans are designed for those who want the robust features of the Business plan but need more active users and auto syncs. If you're running a large company, an agency with plenty of clients, or any other organization with big collaboration needs, this is the plan you want.

How are they different from the Enterprise plan?

Just above our Business X plans is the Enterprise plan. With this plan, you get a solution custom-built for your organization, including a security assessment and payment terms that fit your procurement process. If you need an Enterprise-level solution, reach out to us.

If you have any questions about either of these plans — or you're thinking of changing plans — please get in touch! We'll be happy to help.

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