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  • The features of the Company plan

  • Who is this plan for?

  • How is this different from the Enterprise plans?

The features of the Company plan

The Company plan is designed for organizations that need robust, two-way integrations for collaboration across multiple teams or entire departments. Note that, like our plans, the Company plan can be scaled up. This increases the number of active flows and active users you can include for an increase in price. Here's what's included in the plan:

  • Starting at $249 a month when billed annually

  • 40 active users: The way we count active users can be slightly different from tool to tool. Usually, active users include work item assignees, authors, and commenters. With the flexibility of 40 active users, your plan can cover teams across your organization. This can be scaled up to 150.

  • Live sync: After your flows is created, we'll check periodically for any changes to your tasks. Depending on the size of your projects, the updating process can take a few minutes.

  • 80 active flows: You can create as many flows as you need, no matter your plan, but only the first 80 of them will be synced automatically. Any other flows need to be manually triggered from the "Your Flows" screen. This can be scaled up to 300 active flows.

  • Rules: You can use rules to control the flow of information between tools. For example, you could use labels to mark items as high-priority, then use a rule to only sync those items. If you want to know more about using rules, read our article on the topic.

  • On-premise tools: Company plans support the integration of self-hosted, on-premise installations of Jira, GitHub, and GitLab, as well as cloud services.

  • Subtasks: Does your workflow depend on subtasks? With the Company plan, you can sync subtasks as well as their parent tasks. This isn't available for all integrations, so if you want to be sure it works for yours, you can always ask us.

  • Custom fields: You can sync custom fields between certain tools, and use them in your filters to level up your workflows.

  • 60-minute onboarding: Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Our onboardings pair you up with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will help you set up your syncs and streamline your workflow.

Who is this plan for?

With 40 active users, the Company plan gives you the ability to set up complex workflows that span multiple teams and their tools. This plan can encompass a whole marketing department and their occasional collaborators, inter-disciplinary teams across your organization, or an agency with multiple clients that bring in their own tools.

If you need a more tailored solution, you can ask for an Enterprise plan, which has a whole of custom features tailored for organizations with Enterprise-sized needs.

How is this plan different from the Enterprise plan?

The main difference between the Enterprise and Company plans is that the former is custom-built for your organization. This includes a security assessment and payment terms that fit your procurement process. If you need an Enterprise-level solution, reach out to us. Here are just a few things you can get out of an Enterprise plans:

  • Payment terms customized to your organization's procurement method.

  • Thorough security assessment.

  • Priority support with dedicated workflow experts within one business day.

  • A dedicated account manager from setup to implementation and beyond.

If you have any questions about either of these plans — or you're thinking of changing plans — please get in touch or check out our Enterprise solutions page. We'll be happy to help.

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