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The gist of the Team plan

The Team plan is the next plan up from the Personal plan. While it doesn't cover as many active users as our more comprehensive plans, you still get Unito's deep, two-way integrations for the work management tools you need to use. Note that the Team plan can be scaled up to 40 active users to match your needs. This means adding active users and active flows for an extra cost. Here's what you get with this plan:

  • Starting at $46 a month when billed annually

  • 10 active users: The way active users are counted depends on your tool. Usually, active users include work item assignees, authors, and commenters. With 10 active users, you'll have enough to cover your team and a few collaborators, or a couple small teams. If you want to know more about how we count active users, check out our article about how our pricing works. Active users can be scaled up to 40.

  • Five-minute syncing: After your flow is created, we'll check for changes to your items every five minutes. Then, we'll sync any of the changes made in that time. This means you won't instantly see the changes made to a task. If you need faster sync times, check out our Company plan.

  • 20 active flows: You can create as many flows as you want, no matter your plan, but only the first 20 of them will be synced every five minutes. Any other flows need to be manually triggered. Active flows can be scaled up to 80.

  • One workflow: You can use the workflow designer to create one workflow, covering the work of yourself and your team. However, if you need to coordinate multiple workflows with other teams, you may need one of our more comprehensive plans.

  • Rules: Rules control the flow of information between tools. For instance, you could create a rule that checks for specific assignees if you want to only sync items from those collaborators. If you want to know more about using rules, read our article on the topic.

  • On-premise tools: The Team plan supports the integration of self-hosted, on-premise installations of Jira, GitHub, and GitLab, as well as cloud services.

  • Subtasks: Do you use subtasks to stay organized? With the Team plan, you can sync subtasks. This isn't possible on all integrations, so if you want to make sure it works for yours, ask us!

  • 30-minute onboarding: Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Our onboardings pair you up with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will help you set up your workflow and customize your flows

Who is this plan for?

With 10 active users, this plan is designed for teams that have collaboration on the mind. That can be a development team taking requests from multiple teams or an agency with a few clients, for example.

However, if you need to collaborate across an entire organization, or you work with independent locations around the world, you might be better served by one of our other plans, such as the Company plan. If you're not sure which plan is right for you, please reach out to us. We'll help you figure it out.

How is this plan different from the Company plan?

The Company plan is our next plan up from the Team plan. It's designed for organizations that frequently run cross-functional projects or work with other businesses. It starts at 40 active users and 80 active flows, as well as giving you the ability to build unlimited workflows and sync any number of custom fields.

Team Plan

Company Plan




Number of active users



Number of workflows



Update frequency

5 minutes

Live updates

Custom fields



Sync closed items?

Last 30 days

All closed items

If you have any questions about either of these plans — or you're thinking of changing plans — please get in touch! We'll be happy to help.

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