What this article covers:

  • How to check your sync's health 

  • How to check a sync's progress 

  • Fixing common errors with sync status 

How to check your sync's health 

When you go to the Your Syncs screen, you'll find a sync status attached to each sync. There are two possible options: Healthy and Unable to sync. Here's what each one means: 

  • Healthy: Everything's working great.

  • Unable to sync: An issue is preventing your sync from working and needs to be fixed. A deleted project is an example of this kind of issue.

With this new feature, a quick glance at your sync list is enough to make sure everything's in working order.  

How to check a sync's progress 

Sync health isn't the only thing you can check with sync status. While your sync is, well, syncing, you'll get one of these two statuses:

  • Initial sync in progress: You should only see this status after creating a brand new sync. The initial sync can take some time since we might need to retroactively check multiple tasks. 

  • Sync in progress: Depending on your plan, we'll either check for changes in your synced tasks every few minutes or we'll update your tasks whenever a change is made. In either case, this status appears to let you know any changes you've made to tasks and projects are currently being updated across your sync.

Fixing common errors with sync status

Sync health tells you which syncs need your attention to keep working properly, but that's not the only thing it can do. When you edit a sync with an Unable to sync status, you'll see a To do list in the Activity screen. This will list issues keeping your syncs from working properly. Click on one...

...and you'll get more details on the issue. In this screen, you'll see where the issue's coming from, while the Solution field gives you a step-by-step process for fixing it, with helpful links to guide you through it. Hopefully, this helps you solve any problems preventing your syncs from working properly.

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