What this article covers:

  • How to duplicate a sync with Unito
  • Common uses cases for sync duplication 

Unito’s sync functionality has always saved people time, by removing a lot of the manual work associated with managing collaborative tasks and projects. Now you can save even more time by duplicating Unito syncs. In just a few clicks, you can create a new sync that already has the filters and field mappings you need.

How to duplicate a Unito sync

1. Sign into Unito and go to the list of “Your Syncs”

2. Click the three dots on the right side of the sync you want to duplicate. Select “Duplicate” from the dropdown menu.

3. This will bring you into the sync creation screen. Choose your projects from among your connected tools.

4. Filters will populate automatically based on the original sync that was duplicated.

Note: Unito will let you know if any of the duplicated filters are not accessible by the projects of the new sync 

5. Field mappings will also be automatically pulled from the original sync (so “label” maps to “tag”) but not the actual values in those fields (so not “red label” maps to “blue tag”) unless they share a name. It’s important that you go in and map the values and make any other adjustments you might need. 

6. Publish your duplicate sync!

Sync duplication use cases

  • Users with a lot of syncs or frequent/repeated tasks
  • Agencies, freelancers, or consultants who want to create templated syncs for each new client
  • Development or support teams working with a ticketing system

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