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  • How existing flows are treated when you change Unito plans
  • FAQs about grandfathered flows
  • How upgrading your plan affects your flows

How existing flows are treated when you change Unito plans

When we transition to new subscription plans, we grandfather your existing flows so they remain unaffected by the new plans. In other words, the new plan will only affect new flows you create.

FAQs about grandfathered flows

Do grandfathered syncs count against my active flow limit?

  • They do not count against your plan’s limit. New plans typically have a limit on the total number of active flows you have running. Any grandfathered flow will not count towards your plan’s limits, meaning that if you have 10 grandfathered flows and you now have a limit of five, you will be able to create five more flows on top of your existing ones, so a total of 15.

Do grandfathered flows keep the same features?

  • They are full-featured. New plans typically have limits on which features can be enabled on flows. Any grandfathered flow will continue to have access to all features it previously had.

What happens if the old flows are deleted?

  • They are lost if deleted. If you delete one of your grandfathered flows, it cannot be recovered and its benefits are lost.

Remember, any new flow you create will have to respect your new plan’s limits.

How upgrading your plan affects your flows

Depending on your plan, you may have a limited number of active flows, while all other flows have to be triggered manually. When you upgrade, you'll instantly have access to more active flows, and you can switch any inactive flows to active. For example, if you upgraded from the Team to the Company plan, you'd go from 30 to 80 active flows.

Some of our plans also boast additional features, such as subtask and custom field syncing. If you upgrade to one of these plans, you can edit any of your flows to add these features.

Questions about which plan is best for your needs? Please reach out!

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