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  • How Unito deals with content deletion

  • Why Unito has this policy

How Unito deals with content deletion

Unito's policy concerning content deletion is that no matter what type of content is deleted on one platform, a flow will not delete it on the other platform.

For example, say you have a project synced in Wrike and Jira, and you delete a comment in Wrike. When syncing happens, this comment will still appear in Jira, although it was deleted in Wrike. Further flows will not make the deleted comment reappear in Wrike (even though it appears in Jira). To fully delete it, you would have to manually delete the comment on both platforms.

The same process holds true for work items. To fully delete an item, you have to manually delete it on both platforms, as a flow will not automatically delete it on one platform if it was deleted on the other.

Why Unito has this policy

We have this policy in place for one simple reason: we care deeply about your data security. We don't want your data to be deleted as a result of a mistake made on a user's end, or on our own.

If you have any questions about this policy or any of our others, feel free to contact us.

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