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  • How Unito syncs file attachments
  • How to set up attachment support
  • Limitations of file attachment syncing

Every work management tool has file attachments, and these are crucial to effective collaboration between teams. Specs, wireframes, and screenshots all need to flow between teams, and should stay as close to the work tasks as possible. However, they typically end up hidden away in folders or spread over countless emails.

Unito fully supports file attachments, so important files never get lost or forgotten.

How Unito syncs file attachments

File attachments are synchronized as links, which are appended to task or issue descriptions (we call it the description footer). Actual file contents are never copied or accessed by Unito. In other words, users of any tool must have permission to access the file in order to open it. Changes to permission are always live and files are not duplicated.

Adding attachments from Wrike > Jira

Adding attachments from Jira > Wrike

How to set up attachment support

To enable attachment support, edit your sync and add field mappings from Attachments to Description Footer. There are independent settings for each tool's attachments, so you can enable attachments to sync in one direction or in both.

Sync settings -> Fields

See also the detailed instructions on configuring field synchronization.

Limitations of file attachment syncing

The following special cases are not supported at this time.

File copy: One limitation of transferring attachments this way is that if someone only has a user in one of the products you're linking, rather than both of them, they won't have access to linked attachments. This is because they'll be hosted in the original product, to which your user doesn't have access, and only a link carries over in the description footer, rather than the whole attachment itself. This is actually by design, for security reasons. We assume that if someone doesn't have access to one of your products, you might actually mean to keep the files linked within that product private.

But what if you don't? There are absolutely workarounds you can use! The easiest one is to use a link to Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other similar services, rather than including the actual attachment itself. That way, if the person has access to your hosting service, they can see the attachment. Another solution that's unique to Asana is to provide the user guest access. Once that's set up, they don't actually need to load Asana itself; they'll just be able to see the attachments with no problems.

Versioning: The latest file version is synchronized, but not the version history.

GitHub: GitHub does not have true file attachments, instead they embed links to files (typically images) inside issue comments. These links will be synchronized directly to the corresponding comment; instead of the task description footer. For this reason, we do no list an Attachments field for GitHub.

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