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  • Does Unito support subtasks?

  • Subtasks support by tool integration

  • Advanced subtask operations

  • Do all plans support subtasks?

Does Unito support subtasks?

Subtask support depends on the tool you are using. While some tools support infinite levels of subtasks (e.g. Wrike) others don't support subtasks at all (e.g. Github).

Unito syncs only one level of subtasks.

Sub-subtasks (level ≥ 2), when replicated into a one-level-only tool, will be ignored. Rest assured though, the full subtask hierarchy will not be affected in the original tool.

To turn on the option to sync subtasks when creating or editing your flow, click on the More options tab. You'll find a toggle under Common options called Sync subtasks. Click on that and your flow will sync subtasks.

Subtask support by tool integration


While Trello does not have subtasks, they do have checklists, which Unito can sync to other checklists or subtasks.


Unito syncs Asana subtasks, but only one level deep. In most cases, we don't replicate the full infinite subtask structure. However, if you're building a flow between two Asana projects, you can sync Asana tasks, their subtasks, their subtasks' subtasks, and so on.


Jira supports only one level of subtasks. They are synced with other tools supporting one-level deep subtasks (e.g. Asana) and tools that support infinite-level deep subtasks (e.g. Wrike).

Unito can sync Jira Epics and maintain the hierarchy between Epics, stories, and tasks.

Can't see where to add a subtask? Make sure you have this feature enabled first.


Unito syncs Wrike subtasks, but only one level deep. Just like Asana, we don't replicate the full infinite subtask structure here.

Wrike supports putting a subtask under multiple parent tasks. When replicated onto another tool supporting one-level deep subtasks, the subtask will be put under the highest ancestor task that is also part of the folder being synced. If the Wrike subtask doesn't have any parent/ancestor in the current project, the subtask will be replicated as a regular issue on the other tool.

Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and Basecamp

None of these tools support subtasks on the issues that we sync. As a result, Subtasks will not be synced into any of these tools, but they will also not be affected in the original tool.

ClickUp, monday.com, Teamwork, Smartsheet

While these tools have subtasks, we can't currently sync them. We're working hard to change that, though!

Advanced subtask operations

Sometimes you need to move a subtask to another parent, demote a task to subtask level, or promote a subtask to a full-blown task. These advanced operations are possible in both Wrike and Jira.

Any such change on the Jira side will be carried over to the Wrike side. However, due to limitations of the Jira API, if these operations are applied from Wrike, the synchronization process will not apply the change automatically on Jira.

Do all plans support subtasks?

You can sync subtasks as long as you have a Team, Company, or Enterprise plan. If you're on a Personal plan, and you want to add subtask support to your workflow please reach out to us and we can talk upgrades!

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