What this article covers:

  • How to adjust flow direction at the field level
  • How to adjust flow direction at the block level

We've launched an evolution of our product, so some of the terminology and guidance in this article might be a bit out of date, and we're working hard to update it. You can learn more about our new workflow offering here, brush up on the new terminology here, and find out how to build your first workflow here.

Unito is a powerful two-way integration technology that enables true collaboration across tools. But sometimes you want to limit what information gets shared. With that in mind, Unito gives you full control over flow direction at either the field level or for the entire block of work.

Flow direction at the field level

Sometimes you want some fields to sync bi-directionally but not others. For example, if you’re syncing between your internal block of work and a customer or supplier block, you might want titles and descriptions to sync, but not due dates or assignees.

You can control the direction for each of your field mappings. To do this, edit your flow, go to the Map Fields tab, and toggle the direction icon of your choice.


  • Some fields can only be synced one-way, while others are limited to two-way.

Flow direction at the block level

Making an entire flow uni-directional can be useful if you want, for example, to create read-only reports or views of work across multiple blocks. A customer-facing roadmap would be another example. This way any edits from the reporting or roadmap block will never update the underlying blocks.

Unito allows this quite simply by enabling the one-way flow in the Flow direction tab of your flow settings:

This mode means that everything will be synced from one block to the other and not vice-versa. Even if there are updates on the synced items (status, comments, etc.), they will not be synced back.

Note: direction at the block level wins over direction at the field level. So if you want to control direction on individual fields, you must keep the whole flow bidirectional.

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