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  • How terminology translates across Unito's integrated tools
  • Unito-specific terminology

Unito is an integration tool that allows you to sync and translate information across different tools. Since these work management tools are constantly changing and evolving, it can be hard to keep track of the terminology. That's why we've created this useful glossary.

Cross-tool glossary

Find out the terminology of information across tools and how Unito translates it. If Unito calls something a project, other tools might call it a folder or a repository.

Unito terminology


A Sync is the link created by Unito between projects. It is basically a set of rules that define which tasks can be synced, what information is transferred, and what is the workflow.


A Tool is an online service or application you use to manage your work, such as Trello, GitHub or Salesforce. Unito can sync your work across an ever-increasing number of Tools, letting you collaborate seamlessly with other teams.


A Connector allows Unito to access data inside one of your Tools. You'll use these Connectors to create your Syncs and control what Unito can access. You can have multiple Connectors for the same Tool.

Unito app

While Unito works in the background to sync your Projects and Tasks, you use our App to configure and manage those syncs. Our App is available as a standalone web app (app.unito.io), or embedded inside other tools like Trello and Wrike.

Unito account

Your Unito account is created based on the tool you sign up with. From there, you can create and configure the syncs and access your billing and workspace information.


It is the place that groups together your syncs and your workspace members. You can add any colleague as a workspace member, and they'll be able to create and edit the syncs in that same Workspace.

Active user

An Active User is any individual collaborating on your synced projects over the last 30 days. This includes anyone making changes to or following/watching your synced tasks. Our pricing is based on Active Users, and a full breakdown of how we count those Active Users for each individual Tools is available here.


A Multi-Sync is a group of syncs between a single project/board/folder and multiple ones. Multi-Syncs let you create powerful workflows that merge/report or split/dispatch work across your teams and Tools.

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