What this article covers: 

  • Coordinating multiple projects using Unito

  • Maintaining a high-level roadmap with Unito

  • Providing cross-departmental visibility into projects

  • Development and business team collaboration on projects

  • Submitting and tracking development requests directly from your work management tool

  • Monitoring open-source projects in GitHub

Coordinate multiple projects using Unito

It’s rare that projects are confined to a single team. Think about how many teams are involved in putting together a product launch: people from development, marketing, and sales all contribute. And most of the time these teams use different tools.

This guide will show you how to use Unito to coordinate multiple projects with your favorite tools, including Github and Jira, so you can focus on the end product, not the process.

Maintain a high-level roadmap with Unito

As a Product Manager, you are the CEO of your product. You need to lead cross-functional teams from the product’s conception to its launch, which can get pretty messy without a solid high-level roadmap.

Unito lets you maintain a roadmap across all projects and teams that gets updated every time a new action is performed by one of your teammates. No more info falling between the cracks. No more miscommunication. No more lengthy status reports.

Provide cross-departmental visibility into projects

What executive or manager doesn’t dream of having a clear, live view of all the progress in his or her organization? Unito makes that dream a reality, even if your teams use different tools. Don’t wait for the weekly or monthly status report. Get an idea of what’s happening in your organization — right now!

Development and business team collaboration on projects

It’s hard to keep cross-functional teams functional on the same tool, especially if that tool wasn’t designed for their role.

Unito lets every team pick the work management tool they love so they can keep collaborating seamlessly. That way, everyone is always in the loop, irrespective of their tool of choice.

Submit and track development requests directly from your work management tool

IT and dev teams are bombarded by requests via email, chat, meetings, and cubicle drive-bys. Someone has to capture, sort, and re-file these requests into the team’s issue tracking tool.

When syncing a high-level work management tool directly with the dev team’s tool, you automatically bypass all this overhead and let everyone collaborate directly.

Monitor GitHub open-source projects

GitHub is one of the de-facto platforms for dev projects.

GitHub issues have therefore become the medium for teams or the community (for open source projects) to report bugs and request features on those projects. However, this often leads to a massive volume of issues that quickly become unmanageable because GitHub lacks more advanced classification, prioritization and planning features.

Syncing Github with a more advanced work management tool lets you better manage and monitor your open-source projects by adding project management features: due dates, roadmaps, etc.

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