What this article covers:

  • How Unito can be used to coordinate projects across teams and tools

  • How to build a Trello sprint Kanban board with Unito

We've launched an evolution of our product, so some of the terminology and guidance in this article might be a bit out of date, and we're working hard to update it. You can learn more about our new workflow offering here, brush up on the new terminology here, and find out how to build your first workflow here.

Projects are rarely confined to a single team or department.

Even when a team is fully dedicated to a project, there are always interactions and implications with other teams within an organization. Marketing needs to prepare the blog post, legal needs to update the terms of service, manufacturing need to review assembly procedures and so on. 

Project managers and scrum masters sit right at the center of this ballet, ensuring everyone is moving towards the project's goals.

In today's software world, chances are each team and department has its own set of work management tools and processes. Often, business teams will work in Trello, Wrike, or Asana, while technical teams measure their work progress in Github or Jira. This guide will show you how to best use Unito to coordinate multiple teams from Trello, when some of those projects are being managed in other tools.

How to build a Trello sprint Kanban board with Unito

1. Build the sprint in your team's tool of choice

Whether you're using only one or more tools with your team for project management (we use Asana for company PM and GitHub for dev PM), it's best to plan the sprint with your team(s) in their tool of choice.

You can organize tasks in your sprint in many ways; create a new project for the sprint (in Asana or Wrike for example), or add labels to the tasks you want to execute in Jira or GitHub (Milestone syncing is not yet available for Trello).

You could also plan everything in Trello and then send tasks to other tools by adding rules to filter them by labels.

Before we begin:

  • Make sure you have an account in these tools

  • Make sure you have the right permissions to access these projects

  • For certain tools (such as Jira) you need to configure them to accept Unito.

2. Sync your sprint project with Trello

If it is not already done, sign up to Unito with Trello and one of the other tools you want to sync (don't worry you can add more tools later).

If you're already in the Unito App, click on "Create flow".

The first step is to select what you want to sync. Here choose the tool and its project you want to bring into Trello.

Then you choose where to sync this project, in our case it is Trello.

You can either choose to sync with a new Trello board or with an existing Trello board. This is interesting if you have other tasks in Trello that are also part of the sprint, this way all your local tasks and imported tasks will coexist on both tools.

Finally, review your flow to make sure everything is good to go. Notice you have two options here: one is to just create the flow, and the other one is to better customize the sync before enabling it. You may want to add rules to filter your tasks before progressing further.

3. Add rules to filter your tasks

If you created a whole new project in the other tool for the sprint, you can just click on "Create flow", but if you used labels to differentiate the tasks you want to work on during the sprint, filter them in your flow settings (click on "Customize flow") and make sure to add the label to your flow "whitelist" of labels to filter by.

If you built the sprint in Trello, on the other hand, you can then easily send the different tasks to the appropriate tools by labelling them and enable task filters in your flow settings.

For example, label "GitHub" all the cards that you want to send to GitHub and in your flow settings add "GitHub" to the "Only sync cards with any of the following labels" list. See below.

See our recommended settings at the end of this article!

4. Watch the sprint progress right before your eyes

That's it, you should now see all the imported tasks flowing in your Trello board. This is a nice visual approach to more generic project management app so you and your team can see in a glimpse how is the sprint progressing.

Any changes sync both ways (you can disable that in your flow settings, look for the "Read-only" toggle). You can comment on cards, move them from one list to another, it will automatically update every 5 minutes in the other tool.

How are lists synced in other tools?

Lists are very particular to Trello but we made sure to sync them in other tools to not mess up your workflow. Head to this guide to see how to setup list mapping between tools.

Recommended settings

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