What this article covers:

  • How to connect Unito to your Jira account using basic credentials

When setting up Jira, we always recommend that you OAuth, as it's more secure than using basic credentials. However, if OAuthing isn't an option due to lack of administrator privileges, using your username and API key can get you started syncing quickly while you work on getting OAuth permission from a Jira administrator. In order to login this way, you just need to complete the following steps:

  • Go to your Unito Dashboard, and click 'add connector' next to Jira on the right of the screen.
  • Put in your Jira URL in the first box. This should be formatted as jira.example.com. You don't need the https:// at the front, and you shouldn't have anything afterwards.
  • Finally, put in your username and API key.
  • Make sure that the checkbox at the bottom is unchecked.

That's it! You're done, and successfully logged into Jira. Once you're in, you should review your Jira permissions to ensure that you have the required level of access that we need.

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