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  • What to do when Mirror doesn't work

  • I can’t find the board that I would like to Mirror to

  • Card isn’t syncing

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What to do when Mirror does not work

In order for the power-up to work, we need to store some information inside the Power Up so it can communicate with our servers and make the magic happen. There is a hidden button that will give your Power Up a fresh start and help resolve any issues you might be facing. When clicking this button, nothing will happen visually, but a lot will happen internally. This will clear the data that we store in the Power Up and give it a fresh start. A fresh start means that you will need to authorize the Power Up again so it can save the up-to-date data.

This button will be available only to the sync account once logged in. If you are the sync account and you are stuck in an authorize loop — meaning that the Power Up keeps asking you to authorize it — disabling the Power Up and enabling it again should have the same impact of clearing the Power Up internal data.

I can’t find the board that I would like to Mirror to

Mirror will only give you a list of boards available within your Trello team. If the board is within your team and you still can’t see it, make sure that the sync account is a member of that board.

Card isn’t syncing

This might happen because a sync already exists between the two boards that was created with Sync. For now, it’s not possible to mirror cards between boards that are already synced.

Another reason could be that the mirrored card was deleted. If you delete a mirrored card and then try and re-mirror the same card, we will not re-sync the card. This is part of our deletion policy.

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