Asana + Trello Integration

Learn the best use cases for an Asana-Trello integration, what fields are synced between the two tools, and your customization options.

Learn how to build your first flow between Asana and Trello here

Asana and Trello, when used in combination, allow for live visualizations of your team's work. Lists, Kanban boards, calendars, and more possibilities to make everyone you work with organized and happy!

What is synced?

Want to see your Unito flows without ever leaving Asana? Check out the Flow Preview App for Asana here.

What is not synced?

Is there a feature you'd really like? Let us know!

Customization options

Here are all the available options for Asana and Trello:

Filter tasks with rules

Unito will sync all tasks by default, but you can customize your workflow by syncing only some of them. You can use Asana tags, Trello labels, or Asana custom fields (Text and Number only) to do this. Learn more about using rules here.

One-way syncing

You can choose to sync only from Asana to Trello or Trello from Asana. Here is how it works.

Map your Trello and Asana users

Here is a complete article on how to sync teammates.

Sync closed items

Unito will automatically sync open items automatically. But here is how to also sync closed items prior to the sync creation.