An Overview of Unito's SurveyMonkey Integration

Ready to start syncing SurveyMonkey submissions? Here's what you need to know.

In this SurveyMonkey integration article:

Unito can turn your SurveyMonkey into leads, action items, and insights in your other tools automatically.  All you have to do is create a flow with Unito to sync surveys with tasks, spreadsheet rows, tickets, or other work items.  

Note:  A paid SurveyMonkey account is required in order to connect to Unito and sync surveys.

Also, since our SurveyMonkey integration is currently a Lite connector, it doesn’t yet offer the full functionality of our other integrations. We’ll be adding new features and functionality over the next few months based on demand. If there's a feature, field, or function you'd like to see added to better match your needs, let us know!

Which SurveyMonkey fields sync with Unito?

You can sync surveys with Unito. This integration currently supports 1-way syncing from SurveyMonkey, but let us know if you'd like to see 2-way sync addded in the future!

Question Fields Definition One-way Two-way
Family A group of related survey questions.  
Forced Ranking A set of options ranked in order of preference or importance.  
Headings Titles or headings used to organize and structure the survey.  
Href / Page URL The web address or URL associated with a particular survey question or answer option.  
ID A unique identifier assigned to each question or answer option in a survey.  
Position The order or sequence of a question or answer option within a survey.  
Subtype Additional categorization or classification of a question type within SurveyMonkey.  
Visible A field that determines whether a question or answer option is visible to respondents during the survey.  
Response Fields Description One-Way Two-Way
Analyze URL
The web link that directs users to analyze the survey results.
Collection Mode
The method used to collect survey responses (web, email, mobile).
Collector ID
The unique identifier for a data collection method used in a survey.
Custom Value
A user-defined value that can be assigned to a respondent's response.
Custom Variables
User-defined variables associated with a survey response.
Date Created
The date and time when the response was created.
Date Modified
The date and time when the response was last modified.
Edit URL
The web link that allows respondents to edit their response.
IP Address
The IP address of the device used by a respondent.
Logic Path
The sequence of pages and questions followed based on conditional logic.
Page Path
The sequence of pages visited during the survey.
Recipient ID
The unique identifier for a specific survey respondent.
Response Status
Indicates the completion status of a response (completed, partial, not started).
Survey ID
The unique identifier for a survey in SurveyMonkey.
Total Time
The amount of time taken by a respondent to complete the survey.
Page Fields Description One-Way Two-Way
Additional information or instructions provided on a specific page within the survey.
The unique identifier for a specific page within a survey.
href (Page URL) The web link that directs users to the specific page within the survey.  
The title or name given to a page in the survey.
Question Count
The total number of questions present on a particular page of the survey.

What counts as an item in sync?

Unito counts every synced survey question, response, and page as an item in sync.

Limitations of Unito's SurveyMonkey integration

Since this is one of our Lite integrations, you won't be able to do everything with SurveyMonkey that a full Unito integration can, for now.

  • Webhooks: These aren't supported yet in SurveyMonkey. This means that Unito will only check a synced form, question and response every few minutes rather than in real-time.
  • Attachments: Not currently supported for this integration.
  • 1-Way Sync only: Your SurveyMonkey data can only sync to other apps or tools for now. So you'll be able to export and sync changes to your forms, questions and responses, but not the other way around.
  • Custom fields: A SurveyMonkey enterprise license is required to sync custom fields.
  • API Requests: This SurveyMonkey integration has a limit of 120 requests per minute for deployed surveys. During the draft phase, that limit is 500 daily requests. 

Necessary permissions for connecting SurveyMonkey to Unito

Authentication is currently limited to 1 user per SurveyMonkey account, meaning you must be the owner of your SurveyMonkey account in order to authenticate using OAuth 2 through Unito.

OAuth Scopes

  • surveys_read: Enables retrieving survey details, questions, responses, and other survey-related information.

  • surveys_write:  Allows Unito to create new surveys, modify existing surveys, add or edit questions, and manage survey settings.

  • contacts_read:  Grants Unito access to read contact information from the SurveyMonkey account. It enables retrieving contact lists, individual contact details, and associated metadata.

  • contacts_write: Unito can write or modify contact information in the SurveyMonkey account. It includes creating, updating, or deleting contacts, as well as managing contact groups or segments.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our SurveyMonkey integration.