An Overview of Unito's PostgreSQL Integration

Ready to start syncing Postgres records to your other tools? Here's all you need to know.

What does this article cover?

What does Unito sync from PostgreSQL?

Unito syncs records from PostgreSQL, also known as Postgres, that come from tables.

If you'd like to sync records from multiple tables within the same Postgres account, you can create one flow for the first list, then duplicate that flow and edit it to sync records from those additional tables.

PostgreSQL Terminology as it relates to Unito:

Here's an example of Postgres synced to Google Sheets with Unito: a screenshot of PostgreSQL synced to Google Sheets

Which PostgreSQL fields can Unito sync?

You can sync all columns in Postgres records with Unito to fields in other tools.

You can also apply any field as a filter with the conditions: 

  • is/is not
  • empty/any value

What does empty / any value mean?

In this context, "any value" means any alphanumeric symbol (a letter, number or other keystroke) in the specific field.

Example: Let's say you have three records with the same column in each. If one column has an X in it, the other has 2, and the third has nothing at all, then the first two would sync with Unito if you include an "any value" filter in your rules. 

What counts as an item in sync?

Unito considers all PostgreSQL records as items in sync

Limitations and other considerations

Expect our newest integrations to always be expanding with new features, fields, and use-cases. For now, here are a few common limitations you should be aware of:

  • Our Postgres integration currently only supports 1-way flow direction from Postgres to your other tool(s).
  • The number of items in sync per Postgres flow is currently limited to 10,000.
  • This integration doesn't yet support OAuth, so you'll have to authenticate with your Postgres email and password.
  • Postgres doesn't yet support real-time syncing, so your data may take a bit of extra time to sync. 
  • Unito's default rules will automatically sync all historical Postgres records. You can add a rule to determine a desired data set instead.

If one of these limitations affects your use case, please reach out to us! Your feedback helps us build integrations that better suit your needs.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our PostgreSQL integration.