How the End of Support for Airtable API Keys Affects Your Unito Flows

If you created Unito flows for Airtable bases before August 2023 here's what you need to do to keep things working right.

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Airtable's end of support for API keys

Airtable used to authenticate third-party integration services through API keys, but that's changed. As of August 2nd 2023, Airtable stopped supporting new API keys. That means you could still use an integration that depended on API keys and didn't have to do anything to keep your integrations working. But on February 2nd 2024, Airtable will stop supporting API keys completely.

As a Unito user, that means you may have to migrate Unito flows syncing Airtable bases from API keys to OAuth.

Does this affect your workspace?

If you only started using Unito to sync your Airtable records after August 2nd 2023, you won't be affected by this change. But if your flows were created before that, you'll need to migrate them from API keys to OAuth. You'll find a full guide for doing that below.

How to migrate Unito flows using API keys to OAuth

Here's the step-by-step process for making sure your Unito flows still work perfectly after Airtable ends support for API keys. This is done in two steps:

  1. Switching your Unito flows to a new Airtable OAuth account
  2. Removing the Legacy Airtable account from Unito

Here's a video walking you through how to connect to Airtable via OAuth. You'll also find detailed steps with screenshots below.

Watch how to connect Airtable to Unito through OAuth 2

Switching your Unito flows to a new OAuth account

Now that you've connected an OAuth Airtable account to Unito, let's make sure all your flows are using it.

Have more than 10 Unito flows syncing Airtable records? Please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can help you migrate them all at once. This service will only be provided until December 31st 2023.

From the integrations page, click on Dashboard to go to your flows list.

Airtable OAuth 9

Now find a flow that includes an Airtable base.

Airtable OAuth 10

Click the upright ellipses (the three dots next to Sync now), then click Edit.

Airtable OAuth 11

Now click the pencil next to your blocks of work to edit them.

Airtable OAuth 12

Here's where you'll switch the account used in your flow. Click on the dropdown next to with the account. Your existing Airtable account should have a (Legacy) token next to it. That should be the account already associated with your flow.

Airtable oauth

From here, you'll want to click on Connect a new Airtable account. You'll see this screen.

Airtable OAuth 3Make sure you have OAuth 2 selected, then hit Continue. Then, you can add the email address linked to your Airtable account. You can use the same email you've already been using, and this is the best way to ensure your flows will still have access to your Airtable bases.

Airtable OAuth 4

After entering your email address and clicking Authorize, you'll have to choose the Airtable bases you want to give Unito access to by clicking + Add a base .

A screenshot of the OAuth sequence in which Unito asks for Airtable access to see data in records, comments, structure of an Airtable base etc. in order to sync data.

You can choose to give Unito access to all bases across all workspaces you're working in, a specific workspace, or even individual bases. By choosing all bases, you can ensure you won't run into authentication problems in the future.

Airtable OAuth 13

Once you've made that selection, hit the blue Grant access button, and you should see this.

Airtable OAuth 8

Save your changes, and that's it! Your flow will now automatically use OAuth, and you won't have any interruptions in service. If you have multiple flows you need to switch over, just repeat this process for each one.

Removing the Legacy Airtable account from Unito

Now that you've migrated your flows to OAuth, all that's left to do is remove the extra Airtable account you don't need anymore. Go back to the Integrations page and find Airtable.

Airtable OAuth X

Click on the account with the (Legacy) token and you'll see this screen.

Airtable OAuth Y

Hit Disconnect, and that's it! You're done!