A Primer on Unito’s Slack Integration

Our Slack integration is officially in beta! You can add it to your Unito account, but there are a few things you should know first.

How does this beta work?

When an integration on the upcoming integrations page gets enough interest, we start working on adding it to the Unito toolbox. We then release a beta version of the integration so you can get access to it earlier. That opens it up to your feedback so we can tailor it to better fit your use case.

Our Slack integration is now in beta, meaning you can use it with Unito right now! However, there are a few differences between a beta integration and a regular integration that you should know about.

Supported fields and other features

Beta integrations don't usually support as many fields as they do when they're fully launched. Here are the fields you can currently sync with our Slack integration:

  • Messages

  • Replies

  • Created At

  • Created By

Other features to keep in mind:

  • You'll be able to create new Slack channels without leaving Unito.

  • A Unito bot will be automatically added to your Slack channels to power your flows.

If there's a field you need for this integration we don't support yet, please reach out to us! Your feedback helps us make better integrations.

What counts as an item in sync?

For Slack, Unito counts every synced message as an item in sync.

What this integration doesn't support (yet!)

Because it's still in beta, our Slack integration doesn't do everything a full integration can. Here are some of these limitations.

  • Updating messages not created by Unito: This is a Slack security notification that prevents confusion impersonation of Slack users by apps and add-ons.

  • Rich text support: Slack only supports markdown-style rich text, which isn’t compatible with all tools. For example, you could sync a Bold message to Asana without any trouble, but it might show up as *Bold message* in other tools.

  • Private channels: This is due to a limitation with Slack's API. Only public channels are currently supported by this integration.

  • Reactions: You won't be able to sync reactions just yet.

  • Syncing historical data: Each flow will only sync the 500 most recent messages. Note that this limit doesn't apply to replies, but only messages. That means your 500 messages can have any number of replies and they'll all get synced. As soon as you have your 501st message, however, the message that used to be the oldest won't be synced anymore — since Unito will sync the 501st message.

Necessary permissions

Add your Slack account to Unito and you'll be ready to sync your conversations. No additional permissions needed.

OAuth Scopes

Slack oauth