An Overview of Unito’s Jira Service Management Integration

Need to streamline workflows that involve Jira Service Management? Here's what you can expect from our integration.

In this Jira Service Management integration article:

Which version of Jira is this integration compatible with?

Unito is compatible with Jira Cloud, Jira Service Management, and on-premise versions of Jira. You can use Unito with Jira Server version 6.7.7 and up.

Jira offers both classic and next-generation projects. Both types of projects are compatible with Unito.

Here's a guide to connect Jira Service Management with ServiceNow for an example of how to use this connector.

Supported Jira Service Management Issue fields

Here are the fields you can currently sync with our Jira Service Management integration, and whether they can be used in rules or not.

Quick definitions:

    • One-Way: Changes to the Jira Service Management issue field will appear in the other synced field but not vice versa.
    • Two-Way: Changes to either synced field will appear in the other.
    • Rules: This issue field can be used as a trigger in your rules to filter work items from syncing with Unito.
Jira Service Management Issue Field One-Way? Two-Way? Rules?
Affected version  
Date picker (custom field)*  
Date time (custom field)*  
Due date  
Fix version
Float (custom field)*  
Issue ID    
Issue number    
Issue status  
Issue type
Link to issue    
Multiple checkbox (custom field)*  
Multiple select list (custom field)*
Multiple user picker (custom field)*  
Original time estimate    
Project name    
Radio button (custom field)*  
Remaining estimated duration    
Security level
Single select list (custom field)*
Sprint end date    
Sprint start date    
Text field (custom field)*  
Textarea (custom field)*  
Time spent  
URL (custom field)*  
User picker (custom field)*  
Custom fields are only available with certain plans. Visit Unito's pricing page for more information.

Custom fields and other options

Our integration for Jira Service Management supports a number of custom fields and other customization settings.

Custom fields

The custom fields supported by this integration are Date, Text, Single-select dropdown, and Multi-select dropdown. You can also build rules with the Single-select and Multi-select dropdown fields.


You can sync subtasks with other tools that support subtasks, like Asana and ClickUp.

Default issue type

When a new Jira Service Management issue is created to match a task in another tool, you can determine which issue type will be created by default.

Attachment streaming

You can stream attachments from Jira Service Management, meaning anyone with the link can view the files without logging into this tool.

Issue numbers as prefixes

You can have a Jira Service Management issue number automatically added as a prefix to the title of a work item in another tool.

Limitations and other things to keep in mind

We're constantly looking to improve our Jira Service Management integration to support the tool's growing list of features, fields, and use cases. Here are a few limitations you should be aware of:

  • Administrator permissions: You need administrator permissions to connect your Jira Service Management account to Unito. Once the account is connected, you only need project-level admin permissions to create a flow.

  • Sprints in next-gen projects: Not currently supported.

  • Multi-line text fields: You can't sync these fields quite yet.

  • Mapping Reporter to other assignee fields: Not supported.

  • Syncing fix version: Currently, this can only be mapped to Text custom fields, not dropdowns or lists.

  • Unsupported fields: Fields that aren't currently supported by this integration include Checkboxes, Time-tracking, Story point estimateInternal comments and Voted.

Got feedback? Submit a Unito feature request to let us know what you'd like to see in the next update to our Jira Service Management integration.